Succeeding as a Single Parent

People often hear stories and statistics about how children whose parents divorce are more likely to struggle with depression, self-esteem, and other issues. Yet that does not mean that a couple who chooses to separate dooms their children to a lifetime of struggle with emotional difficulties. There are plenty of divorced parents in Texas who manage to work together to raise healthy and successful children.

Important Single Parenting Factors

Both Parents Still Depend On Each Other

Being a single parent can be difficult for anyone, yet it’s not an impossible task if one truly embraces it with the determination to succeed. That includes committing with an ex-spouse to set aside any animosity the two may feel about each other for the sake of the children. Whether one realizes it or not, a parent’s own actions help to contribute to the other parent’s success in raising the kids, even after the marriage has ended.

Keeping Dad in The Picture

For single mothers, the feeling of truly being the head of the household can become overpowering, so much so that the temptation may be there to also assume fatherly roles in their children’s lives. Yet doing this can quickly leave one feeling overwhelmed. An Arlington divorce attorney suggests that sharing roles with ex-husbands (e.g., coaching the kids’ sports teams, repairing bikes, etc.) encourages respect for both parents.

Don’t Be a “Disneyland Dad”

Single dads need to avoid trying to earn the title of “the fun parent”. Too often, a divorced family dynamic develops where mom becomes the grounded disciplinarian whereas dad is all about goofing off. This can have an unintended side effect (aside from undermining mom’s authority). Any child therapist can attest to the fact that kids rarely take “Disneyland dads” seriously when it comes to important parenting matters.

Success Is Achieved Together

Above all, divorced moms and dads in Texas should remember to involve their kids in their own upbringing. The transition to a single-parent household is equally as difficult for the children. Thus, their input is vital to successful post-divorce parenting. Ultimately, all three sides have a vested interest in the others’ success, and only together can that success be achieved and enjoyed.